The Swiss Islamic Shura Central Council organizes this month seminars and workshops in inter-cultural communication and media praxis. Oscar Bergamin, Chief of presidential Staff and responsible for Public Diplomacy of the Council is leading these Muslim focused trainings.

There has been a lot of debate about the City Gate project by architect Renzo Piano. Will it disturb the historic majesty of Valletta or will it, like the futuristic pyramid of I.M. Pei at the Louvre in Paris, become an iconic monument for the city − a 21st century brand beacon?

When I came to Brussels just over three years now, European Politicians were not on Facebook, election ads were not made or broken by one’s twitter adeptness and no one in the European Commission had been told that any of these should be an option.

A young French Member of the European Parliament is leading the charge. Advocates hope that the increased use of social networking will get younger Europeans interested in what happens in Brussels.

The United States considers itself a shining beacon of democracy and openness, but for many Europeans Washington’s fierce reaction to the flood of secret diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks displays imperial arrogance and hypocrisy, indicating a post-9/11 obsession with secrecy that contradicts American principles.

Amid budget cutbacks and a 'diminishing appetite' for war, Europe has turned increasingly to the 'soft power' assignments like training and institution-building.

As Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton landed here Tuesday for a security summit, she faced the prospect of encountering people who might not be very happy with some of the State Department cables disclosed this week by WikiLeaks.