film diplomacy

Kazakh eagle hunter in Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, Mongolia.
September 7, 2016

The Kazakh government taps into historical memory and soft power with a new Game of Thrones-style TV epic dramatizing the founding of the Kazakh khanate (state).

he challenges will always be there. When you look at nations like the US and China, they still have political challenges. [...] as a resilient South Africa, are going through that phase. We are a developing nation that is faced with many challenges, but instead of being overwhelmed and being overtaken by this negativity, Brand SA has chosen to work with people who actually want to promote the good news. 

Pakistan is a land of unlimited talent and rich artistic tradition. [...] Pakistani entertainment at its current peak, have a tendency to lend a soft power status to the country. As one of finest cultural imports of Pakistan, efforts must be made to promote such creativity and talent.

A filmmaker has teamed up with a friend she met in high school in Brooklyn Heights to produce a portrait of a girls’ school in Anupshahr, India, a community that doesn’t believe in educating women. “Break the Branch,” by director Samantha Cornwell, filmed in conjunction with music and theatre teacher Melanie Closs, is described as a “lyrical, ethereal portrait of a rural Indian girls’ school in lush, sensuous color.”

The colorful spectacle of pandas, martial arts and valiant heroes is, of course, far from the reality in China today, but the version of a Chinese fantasy world in which the Kung Fu Panda movies live has proved very appealing to audiences both in China and globally. 

Kabali was released in 8000-10,000 screens across the world. That scale is astonishing given that India’s soft power has largely been powered by the popularity of Hindi cinema and Bollywood.

ONE Country ONE Film Film Festival will be held on July 20-31 in France, and its main goal is cultural exchange between countries. Diversity regarding the origin of films is the number one criteria for selection.

The government would explore the possibility of showcasing Indian movies through a film festival in Iran, seeking to promote friendship and cultural ties between the two countries, Union minister Rajyavardhan Rathore today said.