film diplomacy

China has also developed strong cultural linkages with Nigeria, through student exchange programs and media proliferation. This successful soft power campaign provides an effective model for Chinese policymakers to follow in their attempts to strengthen Beijing’s alliances with other African countries.

President Xi Jinping's visit to the Republic of Serbia in mid June deepened the friendship between the two countries but not just diplomatically. Out of the 22 cooperations deals signed by the two countries, one included an agreement for cultural exchange through the power of cinema.

The People’s Republic of China is opening China Culture Center (CCC) in Nepal this year to coinicide with 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two nations. [...] The opening of the facility will promote cultures of the two countries, said Melsam Ojha, president of Friendship and Development Academy which has been promoting the Chinese culture in Nepal.


These films were chosen as they offer a “glimpse into Singapore’s heartlands”, said Senior Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs Dr Maliki Osman .... “What we really want to achieve is to create a platform for filmmakers from different countries to interact with one another and hopefully we can inspire each other...”

"Venezuela has a lot to offer in terms of art and culture. We have already opened a cultural centre in New Delhi. ICMEI is going to be the extension of our efforts. All are invited to be a part of these two centres at Noida and Delhi. We have grown much bigger in one day," said the Ambassador, appreciating the large network of 162 countries of ICMEI.

The New Zealand embassy in Beijing screened “Inside Red China” this month before the start of the film fest. The movie provides a preview of Chinese life during the 1950s. China and New Zealand hope to fortify a mutual interest in cultural exchange. The country’s recent efforts come in the form of films.