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In the India-Pakistan context, thus, history is prone to repeating itself. The spectacle of terror never fades and Pakistan-based and nurtured terror groups chaperone Pakistan’s diplomacy with a malevolent eye. [...] Sustainable diplomacy by India must be assisted by continued and effective deterrence since the tools of unconventional war are an intrinsic part of Pakistan’s playbook.

Obama Loving the Electorate, by Steve Jervetson
February 23, 2016

Discussing the legacy of the Obama administration in public diplomacy.

Buhari must realize that public diplomacy in an era, when digital diplomacy has been added to international relations, such that presidents and governments now use social media to pass their messages to foreign countries, there’s need for circumspect

Pope Francis Visiting Korea, by the Republic of Korea

A look at the benefits and challenges of Vatican foreign policy. 

The emphasis that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid on setting and revamping India’s foreign policy agenda is indeed laudable. In his foreign trips, there has been a constant focus on creating a perception around and effectively projecting ‘Brand India’. It is here that the importance of public diplomacy comes in. 

A PD podcast, new research on Jihadist propaganda and an Integrated Public Diplomacy Model.


Voice of America

How the VOA's style of reporting strengthens U.S. soft power.