george w. bush

How a Japanese specialty plays an important role in public diplomacy between two nations.

Prime Minister Modi & President Rouhani

Ilan Manor explores the relationship between a country's national image and the image of its leader.

Anti-Islamophobia Rally

"How can U.S. public diplomacy...maintain any credibility given what appears to be an openly Islamophobic administration?" asks Mieczysław P. Boduszyński.

World AIDS Day Mural

PEPFAR is key to U.S. medical diplomacy and should be protected, writes Philip Seib. 

The former Secretary of State, and likely 2016 presidential nominee for the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton has, along with the Obama administration, pushed the concept of ‘smart power’ – a convergence of hawkish ‘hard’ and a more internationalist ‘soft’ power in U.S. international relations. (...) A departure from the pre-2008 policies of George W. Bush, this move to ‘smart power’ is actually a rebranding of previous tactics which co-opts ‘soft power’ ideas of engagement to work alongside a still strong national security state.