For most Americans today, Russia is more of an annoyance than a threat. But if you live in Georgia, a small country on Russia’s southern border, the Kremlin remains a menacing presence. If the Russian bear becomes hungry, Georgia might be a morsel too tempting to resist […] Georgia is seeking to strengthen its ties to the West. It has been persistent in its effort to be granted membership in NATO […]

Protest by Wilhelm Joys Andersen

Georgia must convince not only NATO, but its own population, of the benefits of membership.

Two friends start climbing the world’s peaks, higher and higher. During the process, they discover the mountains inside them. [...] The two men are the creators of Adventure Diplomacy, a project that wants to combine networking with mountain climbing.

Like Joyeux Noël (2005), The Last Samurai (2003), and The Pianist (2002), Tangerines is a war film about enemy soldiers who become friends after they are forced to interact with one another. The point is to highlight the various reasons why people fight, and then to show why these reasons are inadequate. [...] The film is a passionate plea for diplomacy and coexistence. Urushadze creates a cinematic world where enemy soldiers can lay down their weapons and have a conversation.

"[Eurovision] is truly an event that builds bridges between nations and encapsulates the values of Public Service Media. In this [60th] anniversary year, it is with pride that we look back at how the contest has influenced the public sphere in Europe."-- Ingrid Deltenre, European Broadcast Union Director General. 

Free Russian language courses organized by the Russian-Georgian community center, together with the Russian Foundation for Public Diplomacy named after Gorchakov, began being held in Tbilisi. 

Few Westerners doubt the South Caucasus country of Georgia’s commitment to eventual integration with Europe. But as a massive currency devaluation tightens the squeeze on Georgia’s relatively fragile economy, calls are increasing for ordinary Georgians to reconsider the actual benefits of that commitment.

The Atlanta Sister Cities Commission, a volunteer organization that helps coordinate Atlanta’s relationships with 18 world cities, partnered with the city’s Office of International Affairs to host the evening event, which attracted diplomats from Germany, Nigeria, France and many other countries.