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Increasing number of Indians add value to enhance Hong Kong’s tourism and also at times to strengthen academic ties and trade. [...] Today diplomatic ties between Hong Kong and India have promoted growth in sectors of investment finance, education, culture, shipping and trade. Health diplomacy has continued to be side-lined and little has been understood by Hong Kong’s immigration officers.

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31 days of storytelling about women’s empowerment, climate change, social entrepreneurship, maternal health, education and food security for social good. 

Some 130 youth representatives from 51 Asia-Europe Meeting (Asem) countries, including Malaysia, will attend the five-day 7th Model Asem in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Themed 20 years of Asem: Partnership for Future through Connectivity, participants will address inter-regional issues on politics, economic and socio-cultural between Asia and Europe. Asean members such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore are expected to discuss on migration, health, environment and education.

Skipping over community input seems to be common practice for class projects during my experience taking courses about Global Health at the UW. But while some may think that no one would be harmed with hypothetical school projects, this practice could have long term effects. Students can’t develop the practical skills of creating partnerships with the local communities where they someday will work.

On World AIDS Day: How PEPFAR is improving the image of the U.S. abroad

On May 26th, Gallup announced that the Russian people’s approval of U.S. leadership dropped to arecord 1%, which is the worst rating in the world and the lowest approval Gallup has ever recorded. According to an article written by Gallup analyst Julie Ray, the abysmal view of the United States in Russia is a reflection of the country’s “…increasingly tense relations with the U.S. since the crisis in Ukraine and the threat that many Russians, as well as residents of several former Soviet states, feel the U.S. now poses to their countries.”

President Obama and President Putin

On the Yellow Fever outbreak and the need for a U.S.-Russia partnership.

How do we encourage people to take action on supposedly intractable global problems?