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Narendra Modi may have politely enjoyed the Red Arrows and his night at that charming B&B called Chequers. But it took a take-over of England's national stadium to a pulsating Bhangra beat and a kaleidoscope of saris to show the true dynamism of Anglo-Indian relations - and the populist talents of its most powerful politician.

Brazil should build a lot of soft power and strengthen cooperation and partnership with other countries in undergoing socioeconomic development, a Brazilian expert has said. [...] However, even during the Lula administration, in which Brazil expanded its soft power, it did not manage to go beyond its stereotyped image of a country of soccer, Carnival, coffee and samba.

Last week Moscow hosted the Fourth World Congress of Compatriots that brought together Russian-speaking public leaders from 97 countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, took part in the event and emphasized the significance of the Russian Diaspora for government leaders. 

Overwhelmed by a massive influx of migrants, Sweden is approaching its fiscal and emotional limit and this "humanitarian superpower" is now being forced to hit the brakes.

The leaders of China and Taiwan meet Saturday in Singapore for the first time since the two sides clashed in a civil war seven decades ago, in a carefully managed encounter that caps eight years of improved economic ties.

Today sees the close of the current ‘World’s Fair,’ in Milan, Italy. The six-month-long Expo Milano 2015 showcased tech innovation, especially from Italy, and while much will be written about the cost and legacy of the event, I’d like to argue that the host country made a clever use of this opportunity to show off its startups.

The Outpost, a magazine founded by Ibrahim Nehme, is more than just an optimistic rallying cry for fellow Arabs. Through rich, original storytelling, he’s determined to show them the beauty of their own countries, while also nudging foreign readers toward a more well-rounded perception of the region. The magazine’s very existence, Nehme hopes, can become a catalyst for change for all involved.

Qatar’s success in securing the rights to host the 2022 World Cup will be cheaper than fighting a war and could improve workers’ rights but may not prove successful in garnering soft power. That was the message from a session titled ‘Qatar and the Soft Diplomacy of Sport’.