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German leaders cannot allow their country to be seen as being disinterested in the debate or only wanting to push through its own objectives behind closed doors. Möller suggests that the Federal Government should approach opinion leaders in the media and EU think tanks to justify their positions during the financial crisis — and to also respond directly to any criticisms.

The Republican/neocon narrative that the United States has steadily lost its standing in the eyes of the world since Obama succeeded George W. Bush has been rather strongly undermined by the findings of a major new survey of 40 countries by the Pew Research Center and its Global Attitudes Project.

This journal article by Zhao Kejin examines China's public diplomacy strategies, campaigns and global motivations to strengthen and secure its international public image. 

The Abbott government's deep foreign aid cuts are undermining the national interest and harming Australia's relations abroad, aid organisations say in a major pitch to reverse the cuts in the coming budget.