To survive in the competitive global market, nations are engaging in “nation branding”, and the concept is increasingly becoming a priority for many governments. It encompasses marketing techniques and strategies that a nation uses to improve, enhance and strengthen its image and reputation globally.

African PD

Pope Francis announces that he'll be making his first trip to Africa stopping in Uganda and the Central African Republic, while other African countries addressed issues of development, human rights, good governance, and economic growth.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday launched the Kenya Diaspora Policy as well as a new Foreign Policy, which seek to enhance the country’s engagement with other nations. The President says the two policies will help the government put in place structures, programmes and incentives to attract and utilise qualified and skilled human resource drawn from Kenyans abroad.

Geothermal development is emerging as one of Kenya’s enviable jewels at the deck of attractive ventures that make our country admirable.

Top diplomats are still active creating inflated price at the Kenyan embassies, its consulates,  and diplomatic missions around the world, according to the publication cables which was the third in a series of U.S. classified document “mega-leaks” distributed by shadow diplomacy in Nairobi Kenya.

As the Executive leader of a country, it is the leader’s responsibility to keep a nation’s brand strong. As spokesperson for the nation brand, a leader must also ensure that brand perceptions align with brand performance. President Uhuru Kenyatta has done so with grace. He is telling Kenya’s story across the nation, within the region and on the global platform.

Kenya is set to use social media to promote its tourism industry that is currently on its knees due to security challenges posed by terrorist attacks. The East African nation will in the next months start using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Instagram to reach out to potential tourists across the world in new and traditional source markets. 

Ebola is thousands of miles away from Kenya's pristine Indian Ocean beaches, but the deadly disease appears to be discouraging tourism there and elsewhere in this vast continent.