[...] Nyong’o is coming to the Public Theatre, in her first New York stage role. “Eclipsed” (starting previews Sept. 29), which tells the story of a group of women held captive during the Liberian Civil War, in 2003 [...] Nyong’o has also advocated for international causes, from elephant conservation to ending prejudice against albinos.

August 28, 2015

News stories this week highlight public diplomacy activities out of Africa. 

When consumers think about brands, they often think about products. But people and nations are brands too. In fact, some of the world’s most successful business and political leaders have clear personal brands- think of Professor Wangari Maathai, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. They had strong personal brands, which reflected their philosophies and beliefs and aligned strongly with their values. Their brands enhanced their leadership status in the society.

We began discussions with three Chinese museums in March to explore the possibility of staging an international cultural exhibition and showcase Kenya's rich cultural heritage," said Kibunjia. He disclosed that discussions with Palace museum in Beijing, provincial museums in Yunnan and Guangdong would pave way for the staging of the international cultural exhibition soon.

"Culture is the bridge for enhancing mutual understanding and trust between nations. China and Kenya share similar cultures that emphasize the importance of peace, harmony and friendliness," said the Chinese ambassador. [...] Kenyan officials hailed the martial arts’ prowess of Shaolin Monks and underscored the role of the ancient practice to promote cultural diplomacy.

One state media take veered dangerously close to racism: on July 24, the day Obama arrived in Kenya’s capital city Nairobi, the English language website of state-run outlet Global Times ran a cartoon titled “Homecoming,” portraying the president wearing what appeared to be tribal attire and carrying a spear near a herd of zebra on an open plain.

During the final day of his visit to Africa, US President Barack Obama is set to deliver a message to the continent with a speech at the African Union (AU). He is later scheduled to meet with civil society delegates.

Obama’s decision to address gay rights in Africa is a political “tightrope,” Downie said, as the U.S. president balances his administration’s human rights values with lingering sensitivities about Western countries’ colonialist approaches on the continent.