This weekend in Kenya was set to be the first time the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit -- co-hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama -- would be held in sub-Saharan Africa, where business owners, policymakers, educators and investors would all be brought together in a developing region that has seen immense economic growth in recent years but still suffers from severe poverty and unemployment.

Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Richard Stengel travels to Nairobi, Kenya July 23-26 as part of President Obama’s delegation for the 2015 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. While in Nairobi, Under Secretary Stengel will co-host the Summit’s Youth and Women Day.

For the past couple of months, the government of Kenya through its top security, administrative and legal machinery has been burning the midnight oil in an effort to find the appropriate response to the spread of violent extremist narrative that forms the nucleus of terrorism.

Grand Mama Sarah Obama the Grand Mother of U.S. President Barack Obama Jr. endorsed the Safari Initiative, for the first US President ever to visit Kenya. The Presidency, Foreign Affairs and Tourism ministries, and security agencies top the list of State departments that have received millions of the Obama-visit funds.

Swapping the lush green soccer fields of Australia for the arid dusty plains of Kenya, Adelaide United star Awer Mabil will make the long journey back to his birthplace at the Kakuma refugee camp to deliver hundreds of pairs of soccer boots and sports gear to children. Mabil said he was prompted to contribute in some way to the lives of the 180,000 refugees living in Kakuma after returning to visit last year and seeing scores of children playing soccer barefoot in the dirt.

From 15 to 23 May, German institutions in Nairobi and Kenya will celebrate the "German Week" with our German and Kenyan partners. A German Cultural Week is a chance to showcase examples of our 'culture' and to make it interact with the art and culture of our host country Kenya.

On Tuesday, Kenya, Somalia and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said they had formally nominated four representatives each to a team. Kenya's Foreign Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed told reporters in Nairobi that the commission will help the three parties "discuss ideas" that will see a faster return of refugees to Somalia.

Started three years ago in London by Janet Wainaina, Face of Kenya is a charitable initiative that aims to promote cultural diplomacy, youth empowerment, community cohesion, charitable initiatives and progressive branding of Kenyan products abroad.