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A new start-up turns refugees into global Arabic tutors.

A Non-Governmental Oganisation (NGO), Initiative of African Friends of China, says it has concluded plans to start the teaching of Chinese language in some centres in Nigeria. [...] which would be extended to other African countries, was aimed at boosting the relationship between Africa and China.

August 28, 2016

Organized by the Yunus Emre Institute under the auspices of the Presidency, the seceond Turkish Language Festival will take place on Aug. 27 at the Ülker Sports Arena, which will host 540 students from 46 countries. [...] The event comes at a meaningful time with ongoing conflicts dividing countries all around the world. 

the 27-year-old decided to come up with a better solution: learning language through talking. He launched Poliglota, a platform that organizes conversation groups for people seeking to learn a new language. The groups gather in public spaces such as parks, coffee shops and bars to converse. Anyone can join or host a group for free.

The Polyglot Symposium underway in Montreal this weekend is the first for Georges Awaad. The 17 year-old just graduated high school and with a facility in 16 languages, he is looking forward to a career in diplomacy.

Part of the exchange program Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) Greenheart, some 25 international students from France and Spain spend the month of July with host families in the City of Oneida. Coordinated through the Oneida City School District, 2016 marks the sixth year OHS has opened its doors to international students seeking to improve their English skills and learn more about American culture.

More Canadian and Mexican students will soon be able to dust off their passports as travelling between the two nations on exchange is expected to become easier and lead to more work experience. That announcement, made jointly by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto on June 28, gives Alan Iniestra optimism for the future. “They showed that they are really engaged, to work between these countries,” said the Mexican university student.