As the Obama administration broadens the U.S. military campaign against IS in Iraq and Syria by boosting U.S. special operations forces to advise local U.S. allies, DLI will likely have a key role to play in that mission.

The UK Government needs to urgently adopt a new, comprehensive languages strategy if it is to keep pace with its international competitors and reduce a skills deficit that has wide-reaching economic, political, and military effects.

With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visiting Iran, there's been lots of talk in Delhi about the relationship between our two countries. But for me, a holiday I had in Iran last year told me more about our middle eastern neighbour than any political pundit could.

Students from Nunavut will soon be able to take college classes in Greenland, as officials from Nunavut's Arctic College and Clyde River's Piqqusilirivvik school organize an exchange of programs and classes across the two Inuit regions. "These are two distinctive regions where Inuktitut is the predominant language, so students won't be just learning the trades but also the culture," said Paul Quassa, Nunavut's minister of education.

May 15, 2016

Beijing has begun to practice what can perhaps be termed the "Offer Diplomacy" even with its neighboring countries: Buy one, get one free; and buy now, pay later

The article said Pham Quang Hung, a first secretary for educational affairs at the Vietnamese Embassy in Tokyo started studying Japanese at Foreign Trade University in Hanoi in 1994. He never imagined that Vietnamese children would one day be able to learn the language at elementary school.

“Besides improving my skills in English language, the program helped built confidence in terms of my ability to interact with people”, says Aleena—a grade 9 student.  For another student, Sidra, the Access Program proved helpful in studies as she explored English grammar through the program which helped her do good in studies. 

Crowd at NOC #BlackForumMN with Bernie Sanders

America is changing -- and presidential speech is changing to match.