"On the Right Side of History: Public Diplomacy & LGBT Rights Today," is out now.

Last week, the Jerusalem Post announced a new joint venture between the Israeli Prime Minister's office and StandWithUS, a nonprofit organization, aimed at training university students on how to use social media to educate the world about Israel. 

There was a strong diplomatic presence, including Ambassador Shapiro, at the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade in 2012

Are there too many cooks in Israeli PD? CPD Blogger Ilan Manor answers.

Since taking office in 2013, Rufus Gifford has been a popular guest on many Danish radio and television shows. And in 2014, the Ambassador appeared on his own six-episode reality show, which followed his professional and personal life over the course of three months.

Tivoli, Copenhagen

Mads Hvas Jensen on the savvy PD of Ambassador Rufus Gifford's Danish reality TV show.

2014 a banner year for Pope Francis.

Highlights of Pope Francis’s bold moves in 2014 and their public diplomacy implications.

Gambian president Yahya Jammeh is relishing his newfound recognition as Africa's most antigay head of state, taking a pass on millions in foreign aid in order to keep his new 'jail the gays' law.

In 1998, TIME Magazine declared feminism dead. Nearly 15 years later, it wondered if instead, perhaps feminism should be banned. (...) Indeed, it's clear 2014 was a historic one for feminism. Women stood up for their rights, challenged stereotypes, fought for recognition and took control of the dialogue. The following is a non-exhaustive list of some of the most iconic feminist moments this year.