music diplomacy

An exchange between the infinitely rich cultures of Cuba and Harlem is surely a marvelous idea. Afro-Cuban jazz was born in Harlem, the uptown neighborhood has been home to generations of immigrants from the Caribbean country and it shares a history with the island nation.

Samsung Official TVC: 'The Anthem' - Rio 2016 Olympic Games

A new ad campaign from Samsung is breaking down geographic borders to create a universal anthem for humanity. 

Music and politics in Japan have rarely been closer. From the government’s use of AKB48 member Haruka Shimazaki in a military recruitment advertising campaign to its funding of pop culture as a form of “soft power” through initiatives like Cool Japan, music has been used by the establishment to advance various goals. 

The Hà Nội Ensemble is a group of young artists and lecturers from the Việt Nam National Academy of Music, which was established in 2010. Members of the group have studied in Việt Nam and other prestigious conservatories of music around the world. They have won many reputable music awards, as well as participated in concerts, music festivals and cultural exchange programmes both domestically and internationally.

An event will take place this week to help students from South Korea and Japan better understand each other's culture through dancing. The organizers -- the Soorim Cultural Foundation and the Japan Global Cultural Exchange Foundation -- on Sunday said they will hold a cultural exchange program titled "Seoul-de Dance, Dance, Dance" from Thursday to Monday.

In a bid to boost the art, culture, theatre, music and creative thinking sphere in the city, a group of industrialists, entrepreneurs and corporate executives has formed the Chennai International Centre (CIC).

The clinics are part of the Berklee India Exchange, an initiative aimed at establishing a platform for cultural conversation about Indian music through artist residencies, musical collaborations, and performances. [...] Last year, they were held in Mumbai and Delhi. This year, the clinics were also held in Bengaluru.

The People’s Republic of China is opening China Culture Center (CCC) in Nepal this year to coinicide with 60 years of diplomatic relations between the two nations. [...] The opening of the facility will promote cultures of the two countries, said Melsam Ojha, president of Friendship and Development Academy which has been promoting the Chinese culture in Nepal.