music diplomacy

Elbegdorj came to celebrate a new Mongolian-U.S. cultural partnership, announced in March, that will bring the Philadelphia Orchestra to Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar. During his daytrip to Philadelphia, the president attended the orchestra’s matinee concert, where he was warmly welcomed by orchestra officials, musicians and audience members.

One example of this new method of advocacy is the Global Citizen Festival, a concert held in New York City each September to promote awareness of extreme poverty. The festival’s model is a digital facelift of the 1980s movement-building efforts of Amnesty International and an indirect descendant of Bono’s ONE campaign, which pioneered online advocacy for the development sector in 2004. 

Through their music, Linaje Originarios seeks to address an issue that many indigenous cultures around the world are facing – the desire of younger generations to exchange their traditions, languages and lifestyles for life in urban areas where they have access to “modern” forms of culture, music and styles.

In spite of the jubiliation over surgical strikes inside PoK to 'avenge' Uri attack and flight of Pakistani artistes from India, Pakistani music lovers from Bengal see music and it's exchange as the only path in ensuring long-lasting peace between the two nations. [...] Exchange of artistes instead of kicking them out of the two antagonist countries is felt by some as a way to increase cultural exchange.

September 30, 2016

Headlines focused on the use of music diplomacy in bridging the gap between cultures 

Cuba is in a position where it could use some soft power appeal, particularly on the same social issues—like unemployment or the treatment of Afro-Latinos—that neighboring countries are going through. If Cuba is aiming to have a rap scene with actual international appeal beyond the club circuit, the state should relax its hold.

Latinidades – Festival da Mulher Afro Latino Americana e Caribenha 2013, by Cultura de Red

Rap, once disdained in Cuba for its American origins, is being appropriated by the state to push a pro-party line. But the state would win more by allowing artists to work freely.

Australia's former prime minister and the Work singer shared the spotlight in New York City on Saturday evening local time as part of the Global Citizen Festival. Their unlikely partnership is in aid of a new Global Citizen education initiative, which was officially launched at the concert after performances by Metallica, Chris Martin, Eddie Vedder, Kendrick Lamar and Bill Nye.