music diplomacy

The organization aims to share the Brazilian culture with the St. Louis area and emphasizes arts and education, such as sponsoring classes in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. She said there are an estimated 4,000 people from Brazil in the St. Louis area.

Marko Marcinko traveled the world many times over during his long career as an in-demand jazz drummer. Cuba, however, had long been out of reach for the well-known Scranton musician, just as it had been for most Americans for more than a half century. But the United States’ recent reestablishment of formal relations with the Communist Caribbean country led to new and exciting travel opportunities for Americans, musicians among them.

Indian expat music lovers, corporate houses and diplomatic missions in China came together to form for the first time a cultural group called 'Chaiti' to promote Indian classical music among Chinese by holding annual music shows with top Indian musicians.

A socio cultural and contemporary entertainment production, Wakaa The Musical in London will celebrate the diverse yet homogeneous people and culture of Nigeria, which has attracted the endorsement and support of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, the National Pension Commission and the Bank of Industry.

Among other projects, he founded Cuatro Puntos, the ambitious chamber music collective that has toured around the country and the globe in recent years as part of its declared mission of musical diplomacy and cross-cultural understanding. The group has also sponsored workshops here in Hartford called Chamber Music for Peace, with the goal of helping young musicians learn how to engage in their communities.

From nation branding through food to the sound of music diplomacy, headlines showcased the sensory side of culture.

SlinCraze inspires Sámi youth with rap music

Can rap music help make an endangered language relevant to 21st century youth? 

The three-day cultural event featured folk performances and exhibitions that featured the cultures of both countries. [...] Ijgyarto reiterated the importance of cultural cooperation between countries, since no political or economic cooperation is possible without cultural cooperation. In other words, what is important besides political and economic relationships is people-to-people contact.