musical diplomacy

15/365 Black Lives Matter, by Dorret

Artists from Busta Rhymes to Residente are taking inspiration from the musical phenomenon to continue a global conversation on what America represents.

Steven Goldstein’s connection to Israel predates his now-renowned acting and operatic career. [...] But now, amid an ongoing push by supporters of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to pressure artists to avoid Israel, Goldstein hopes to use his talents and experience to combat these efforts.  

This strong satire of Nigeria’s politics and society explores the scheming, intrigues, betrayals and games people play in life to get ahead. The socio cultural and modern entertainment production rejoices in the diverse yet homogeneous people and culture of Nigeria, while examining current pressing issues of mass youth unemployment, lack of opportunities for social mobility, immigration and migration.

The Rolling Stones at Marcus Amphitheater, by Jim Pietryga

The significance of the Rolling Stones' Havana concert.

A-WA Photo 2, by Colin Young-Wolff

Israeli band A-WA is making waves in musical diplomacy.

A scene from the musical Hamilton

The soft power potential of "Hamilton."

The U.S. and Cuba -- two superpowers in contemporary music -- have been trading (and blending) all along, even during the embargo, each one an equal partner.  Perhaps our governments can use this model to build bridges and renew relationships between our two countries. Let’s call it “jazz diplomacy."