There have been complaints by Nigerians on how they are treated when seeking visas.' In this regard, he made two important points. First is that the South African President 'has indicated that Nigeria and South Africa need to intervene by making it easier for our nationals to have visas to our two countries [...] that both countries 'have totally moved from political diplomacy to economic diplomacy and to promote this economic diplomacy, there is need for smooth movement of people between our two countries.'

A socio cultural and contemporary entertainment production, Wakaa The Musical in London will celebrate the diverse yet homogeneous people and culture of Nigeria, which has attracted the endorsement and support of the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, the National Pension Commission and the Bank of Industry.

On the heels of Wakaa the Musical hitting the London stage, Wakaa's executive producer and Terra Kulture boss, Bolanle Austen-Peters has said the musical has great potential to boost cultural diplomacy and promote our cultural heritage abroad. She made this known during a briefing with the press ahead of Wakaa's opening in theatres in London.

Art is the centre of human life and it plays multiple functions in any given society (religious, economic, social etcetera). This means that its role in this period of rebranding is significant. Therefore, in all the sectors of the nation which are to receive serious attention from the rebranding project, culture is one of them. 

Nigeria's vast and rich cultural heritage should be strategically repositioned to partner tourism as its driver to lift the Nigerian economy. Tourism cannot effectively flourish without the cultural components. The desire to position culture and tourism as the lever of Nigeria's economic growth and development rests with the Ministry of Information and Culture as it must plan to mainstream both sectors into a monolithic entity to galvanize national economic development. 

Lai Mohammed, the minister of information, culture and tourism disclosed this at the opening ceremony of the national summit on culture and tourism in Abuja on Thursday, April 27. The minister described Nigeria’s cultural heritage as a “soft power that can confidently take over the world” adding that it could also promote international diplomacy. 

Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria Svante Kilander says the embassy will collaborate with Nigeria to enhance works of arts and cultural relationship between both countries.[...] He noted that works of arts, especially poetry “is a strong tool for preaching culture and societal issues.

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) has built one of Africa’s best known start-up ecosystems in Accra, Ghana over the last eight years—and now it’s doubling down on a push to take its vision pan-African. As MEST has grown, it has opened up its local entrepreneur training program to founders from Nigeria and Kenya who usually want to go back home after their year-long program.