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North Korea appears to be clamping down on international aid groups in the country. On Wednesday, the country’s propaganda news service announced the deportation of Sandra Suh, a U.S. citizen, accusing her of carrying out acts of propaganda against the state. It was the second deportation of an aid worker in less than two months.

Facebook is among companies teaming up with the South American nation on the program through its non-profit organization, set to launch at the summit. aims to bring connectivity to everybody, particularly to low-income communities that have traditionally been deprived of the technology.

35 well-coiffed foreign ambassadors on formal state business in the US were sitting in the Khan Academy kitchen to learn about the educational nonprofit that has become a global name. Standing amid a crowd of laid-back software engineers and employees in casual garb, the foreign visitors were immersed in a different culture in more ways than one.

CNN stopped broadcasting in Russia on December 31, 2014, after changes to Russian legislation regulating the operation of mass media. In particular, a ban on advertisements on pay television came in force from January 1, 2015.

Despite billions of yen being earmarked for the country’s Cool Japan campaign —a government push at spreading soft power — Asada doesn’t think music is a big priority. He believes that the government would rather support the interests of the anime industry.

Korean and British companies' cooperation is currently underway in the Philippines and Vietnam. If the two sides work closely together to find other areas, the British minister said, they will be able to find more opportunities in other Asian markets as well.

Started three years ago in London by Janet Wainaina, Face of Kenya is a charitable initiative that aims to promote cultural diplomacy, youth empowerment, community cohesion, charitable initiatives and progressive branding of Kenyan products abroad.

A collective of musicians from 11 Nile basin countries performed in New York City on Thursday night in a bid to demonstrate the need for cross-border cooperation — and to encourage people in Nile nations to think of themselves as more of a unified entity — as the region inches toward conflict over rights to water from the world’s longest river.