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Defectors have turned to floating soap operas - even Hollywood movies - into the North to stir up 'regime change'.

Her goal is that art should trickle down to the masses (hence the focus on several outreach programs in recent art fairs), her hope is that the Indian art world believes in itself and her dream is that someday art would be considered an important tool of cultural diplomacy.

In recent years, cross-border investment by business has expanded dramatically and is becoming an ever more powerful force for good in the developing world.

As word of #We_Are_Coming_O_Rome spread across the Italian media, Rome residents took the opportunity to respond to the Islamic State. And they did so in an especially Roman way.  With warnings about the traffic.

Neither the people behind A Taste of China nor those at Light Chaser are intentionally pushing political agendas.  That is what makes this a genuinely new era in Chinese propaganda. These projects have their own voice, yet they do propagate a preferred narrative, one of a problem-free Chinese culture. 

In America, we have culture. We have things like baby showers and fireworks on the Fourth of July. And these can be really great, but after searching far and wide for the most awesome cultural practices the globe has to offer, GlobalPost has compiled a list of items that we think more Americans should really consider adopting.

The Washington, D.C.-based organization has since evolved into a sports diplomacy outfit, encouraging cultural exchanges and donating skateboards and gear to Cuban youth.

Scientists are crafting radical new approaches that may one day rejuvenate the world’s water-starved regions.  The clusters of farms and wineries in the Arava are a testament to Israel’s acumen in water technology.