Fiji’s national women’s rugby union team, the Fijiana, joining the Australian Super W team, the Queensland Red’s in a friendly tour of Australia in early 2020. (Credit: Oceania Rugby)

Sarah Leary of Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recaps a new regional sports PD initiative.

Yadira Ixchel Martínez Pantoja explains the public diplomacy impact of British High Commissioner Laura Clarke's activities in New Zealand. 

Australia has been both on the inside and the outside of the political environment in Asia. How will China influence the country's role in the region?

The country's first Olympic medal was a victory for the nation, both at home and abroad.

TV audiences in New Zealand will for the first time be able to see Chinese TV dramas and films dubbed in English on a local channel. It's being made possible by an agreement signed on Friday, aimed at bringing CRI's popular China Theatre program to a Kiwi audience. [...] This will be the first time English-dubbed Chinese TV dramas will have been shown in Oceania.

There are strong and natural compatibilities between India and Pacific Island Countries. India would not displace existing international relationships, but rather complement them, strengthening the region, and in return helping India’s global position. But for that to happen, there needs to be more points of contact. India needs to ensure more diplomatic representation in Oceania. A good country to start would be the Kingdom of Tonga, which was never colonised and holds a unique soft power position in the South Pacific, and internationally.

New Zealand has confirmed that the black, white and blue silver fern design won a referendum to become a possible new flag, after the final votes were counted […] The decision to choose a new flag has been backed by [Prime Minister John Key], who has said the current one is too similar to Australia's and that it is time to remove the Union Jack from the current flag.