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Matthew Wallin, a USC MPD alum and fellow at the American Security Project, reveals why public diplomacy matters for soldiers and governments alike in this new report on U.S. Military PD practices. 

The Road to Diplomacy 3.0: Tradition and Innovation in Foreign Policy

February 12, 2015

Andreas Sandre, noted author and diplomat, discusses the evolving role of new media in public diplomacy, and the need for innovation in both foreign policy strategies and diplomatic activities. 

Eric B. Schnurer explores how the Estonian government is using the internet as a new space for collaboration, engagement and partnership in his article for Foreign Affairs magazine.

Video highlights from CPD's panel discussion on the local impact of ASEAN.


A new article by Juan Zhang in the 2015 issue of the International Journal of Communication.

Peter Martin's contribution to Foreign Affairs on how the Modi Administration is strategically using India's intellectuals, emigrants, and yogis to enhance the country's soft power.

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