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 Haft Seen at the White House- Wikimedia Commons

This year's Nowruz message packed a powerful PD punch, says Sohaela Amiri.

Chinese-American, by Quinn Dombrowski

Exploring Chinese perceptions of U.S. foreign policy and society.

Reprinted from the CPD Blog by R.S. Zaharna (Aug 6, 2015)

AU Professor, R.S. Zaharna compares JFK's and Obama's peace speeches.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama lost a vote on trade policy in the Senate. The strange thing is why he lost. For years, conservatives have voiced impatience with Obama's foreign policy. But this time, all but one Republican voted for him, and all but one Democrat voted against him. Foreign policy used to be one of Obama's political strengths.

Dropping bombs isn't the only way to advance American interests abroad. (...) Certainly, the Islamic State poses an enormous threat to regional stability. But is the focus on military efforts the right one?