Naima Green-Riley

Naima Green-Riley is the latest recipient of this annual research award.

Public diplomacy scholars Emily T. Metzgar, Efe Sevin and Craig Hayden reveal the results of their meta-analysis of PD research spanning 50 years. 

CPD is pleased to welcome Robert Banks, CPD Faculty Fellow and USC Annenberg Associate Professor in the Master of Public Diplomacy program, as Guest Editor our scholarly paper series.

CPD welcomes public diplomacy practitioner Oliver Lewis as a non-resident CPD Senior Visiting Fellow. 

As part of its commitment to building the academic field of public diplomacy, CPD will award $2,500 to an emerging scholar engaged in cutting-edge research on public diplomacy.

A round-up of what scholars and practitioners added to public diplomacy scholarship in 2018. 

Phillip Arceneaux

Phillip C. Arceneaux is the latest recipient of this award.