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Saudi Arabia is eager to become a gateway to Japan and its culture in the Middle East as it seeks to deepen economic relations between the two nations [...] In an interview, he unveiled a plan for the state-run Saudi Press Agency to launch a Japanese-language website in December to promote information exchange between the two countries.

Around a third of Saudi scholarship students in the UK are female, many of them outstanding scholars, creative artists and filmmakers. They are a massive soft-power asset that could aid Saudi Arabia address foreign public opinion about how Saudi women are benefiting from greater political, social and economic roles. Saudi diplomacy with the UK is mostly mediated by elites. 

It is quite evident that Saudi Arabia has recently focused on improving its public image and reputation abroad, given its numerous attempts at opening itself to the international arena, and through diplomatic measures aimed at nursing the country’s image deficit. The role of women has surfaced at the forefront of its public diplomacy efforts. 

Wojdan Shaherkani London 2012

Saudi Arabia's four female Olympians: progress or propaganda?

Saudi Arabia has an image problem. From allegations of exporting a radical Islamist ideology, to the war on Yemen and gender rights, the country’s reputation often takes a battering around the world. Now, the culture ministry has been given the challenging task of improving domestic and international perceptions, while delivering a 10 per cent increase in positive media coverage of the kingdom by 2020.

At its core, the exhibit offered a window into how Arab cultures create identity using social codes and physical structures, while also highlighting how people and artists must take care to change their behavior in certain regimented contexts. "Art is a part of Iranian culture, and in the process of researching this show..."

Is the Kingdom on a true path of reform?

Engaging in cultural exchange and trade with North Korea would be more productive than the US's existing failed policy. [...] A good, very small start toward for the long-term goal of undermining the regime rather than pursuing a short-term goal of trying to talk them off nuclear weapons would be to make cultural exchanges between the two countries.