Having recently returned from the International Studies Association (ISA) conference in Toronto, I wanted to share some thoughts with the PD community, and particularly the scholars who for some reason or other couldn’t attend. For those who aren’t familiar, ISA is the major annual conference where PD scholars convene, particularly through the International Communication (ICOMM) and Diplomatic Studies divisions. ISA has around 5,000 participants, of which the regular faces working on PD comprise of less than one percent.

New Year resolutions are already aplenty, but we at CPD thought you might still be interested in knowing our goals for the year ahead.

Whenever DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University hosts a diversity workshop, seminar or speaking session, it draws a capacity crowd. “Usually attendance at our professional development sessions is hit and miss depending on how busy students are,” says Dr. Milena Head, acting director, MBA Programs at DeGroote. “But if diversity is the focus, we know there’s always going to be a full room.”

Armenian students, post-graduate students and researchers may apply for German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship program. The number of Armenians to have been granted DAAD scholarships in 2012 exceeded 80.

A seminar on cross-border dialogue through books and television, part of the two-day Charar Forum on Public diplomacy in Hebei Province, emphasized how cooperation on joint media projects can strengthen bilateral ties.

About 750 foreign students from 73 countries received scholarships from the Indonesian government to study Indonesian culture, arts and language at universities across the country...the program, launched in 1974, was among Indonesia's cultural diplomacy programs aimed at promoting Indonesian cultures to the rest of the world.

Additionally, the academic community has been increasingly active in considering the burgeoning political landscapes in the Arab World. In Washington, think tanks, NGOs, and government branches have sponsored vigorous debates and dialogues on new regional questions and uncertainties in scholarship and foreign policy.