CPD Awards 2016-2017 Doctoral Dissertation Grants

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy is pleased to announce Stanislav Budnitskiy, Kyung Sun Lee and Kyle Long as the recipients of our 2016-2017 CPD Doctoral Dissertation Grants.

Budnitskiy (Carleton University) is researching the interstate competition over Internet governance as a problem of global strategic communication. In particular, his PhD research explains why and how Estonia, Russia, and the United States utilize public diplomacy of the Internet to promote their national identities. 

Lee (University of Texas - Austin) examines how South Korea’s government and citizens interpret and tell Korea’s story to the world through PD activities, specifically through Korea’s government-sponsored volunteer program. Her PhD research considers how cultural factors affect the communicative process among actors in public diplomacy, focusing on the complex and dynamic communicative process between the government and its citizen volunteers, providing insight into the roles of the multiple social and political actors who construct and articulate Korea’s narrative.

Long (Columbia University) is researching the influence of American higher education institutions on the structures or practices of higher education institutions in other countries. His research is expected to demonstrate the emergence of a new organizational field of American universities abroad, varying motivations for establishing these institutions, and varying ad hoc responses from diplomatic personnel in the absence of U.S. policy toward them.

Click here to read more about the CPD Doctoral Dissertation Grant and here for a list of previous grantees.


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