King Abdullah II of Jordan instructs new Prime Minister Marouf Bakhit to 'correct the mistakes of the past.' In Syria, recent popular revolts in the Arab world spur calls for anti-government protests.

Edward Djerejian, former U.S. ambassador to Israel and Syria, talks about protests in Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule and the role the country's military should have in any transition of power. Djerejian speaks with Lisa Murphy on Bloomberg Television's "Fast Forward."

Hours after the government in Egypt shut down that country’s access to the Internet, hackers around the world started banding together to craft some kind of work-around. And one group claims to be only a day or two away from delivering a partial solution. Their initiative is called the Open Mesh Project...

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who inherited a regime that has held power for four decades, said he will push for more political reforms in his country, in a sign of how Egypt's violent revolt is forcing leaders across the region to rethink their approaches.

What began as a popular uprising that toppled the Tunisian government before spreading into Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan and, of course, Egypt, may now be headed for Syria.

Tehran has held a festival in an attempt to introduce Syrian culture and traditions to Iranians and boost cultural ties between the two countries. The festival was opened during a ceremony at Tehran's Bahman Cultural Center on December 4, 2010. Syrian ambassador to Iran Hamed Hassan attended the event along with a number of Iranian officials.

Several hundred people attended the première of “The Social Network” at Damascus’s only English-language cinema last month. The crowded theater highlighted the wide use of the film’s subject – Facebook – despite the Syrian government banning the site in 2007. Since then, Facebook’s popularity has surged in Syria.

Around 300 Israeli Druze are for the first time to be allowed into Syria for a religious visit after they were given permission by the interior ministry, the head of Israel's Druze community said on Thursday.