A hashtag expressing solidarity for the Jewish population of France is gathering traction on Twitter.  #JeSuisJuif began trending shortly after it was revealed a second siege was unfolding at a Jewish supermarket in Paris.

A global survey by Pew in October last year, found that 32% of people in France felt that religious hatred posed the greatest threat to the world - tied with inequality as the issue of upmost concern.

After the attack on the French satirical weekly newspaperCharlie Hebdo that left 12 dead and 5 injured, Twitter comments are pouring in from around the world.  Many take the form of one of the magazine’s specialties, cartoons.

Video still from an Islamic State training video

Philip Seib on encouraging developments in the diplomatic response to terrorism.

How can democracies fight this ideology? People may die, but ideologies are forever. I suggest that we begin to think of the Islamic State as having soft power but with its own evil spin.

Australians have banded together on Twitter with #IllRideWithYou, a hashtag showing their solidarity with fellow countrymen scared of being attacked on public transportation. 

How do we deal with American supporters of terrorist groups like ISIS? Europe may have some surprising lessons with its kinder, gentler approach to homegrown jihadists.

While Jordan has made public its participation in US-led air strikes against ISIL in Syria, it has launched a quieter war at home, as authorities crack down on social media users and religious leaders who allegedly promote "terrorist ideology".