Image of the Grand Palace of Bangkok by tawanlubfah via Canva

Thai cultural diplomacy has emphasized traditional culture, which tends to be one-way, and event-based performance, connected with food and tourism.

Ireland has placed storytelling at the heart of its public diplomacy strategy. 

image of floating market in bangkok by izzetugutmen via Canva

After two decades of gradual public diplomacy efforts, the Thai government has recently accelerated and formalized its public diplomacy initiatives.

The emblem Group of 20 or G20 presidency of the Republic of India via Wikimedia Commons

The 2023 G20 presidency is not only an achievement for India but also the Global South, writes Dr. Sneha Patel of Banaras Hindu University, India.

Photo of Lalbag Fort, Dhaka, Bangladesh by Md Tanvir Mehadi Shovon via Canva

The nation branding campaign “Beautiful Bangladesh” conveys an image that is not in sync with the reality inside the country. 

Urban affairs expert and consultant Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi looks at how vertical and horizontal partnerships are aiding cultural city branding.