Syrian refugees in Istanbul

Turkey gives a great deal of foreign aid, but no one seems to notice...

Turkey has a serious problem with its international image. An increasing number of people around the world see the country as a breeding ground and facilitator of Islamic terrorism. They also see it as a violent place where visitors have to be ready for all eventualities. The notion that Turkish officials aided radical Islamists in Syria in one way or another has stuck and refuses to go away. 

The Yunus Emre Institutes and language programs have been also Turkey's force as a diplomatic competitor in grounds of cultural diplomacy around the world, Balcı added. "Yunus Emre Institute's language programs help many of the students to re-establish ties their relatives who speak Turkish, find jobs, and add a new color to their lives," Balcı also said. Turkish Language Summer School aims to acquaint its students with Turkish culture and arts, in addition to improving their Turkish language skills.

MIKTA – an association consisting of Mexico, Indonesia, Korea, Turkey, and Australia – is still a relatively new platform, having been formed in 2013, but it may now be confronted with its first real opportunity to have an impact on the global stage. 

Turkish public response to NATO can hardly be separated from unfavorable public opinion about the United States, since NATO has been largely led by the U.S. Therefore, the waning of American credibility has simultaneously affected Turkish public support for NATO. 

U.S. Soldiers with the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment talk after a routine inspection of a Patriot missile battery at a Turkish military base in Gaziantep, Turkey. U.S. and NATO Patriot missile batteries and personnel deployed to Turkey in support of NATO's commitment to defending Turkey's security during a period of regional instability.

Senem Cevik offers PD advice for a troubled relationship.

On Tuesday, August 4, Canberran Christopher Latham will conduct the premiere of the Gallipoli Symphony in Istanbul. [...] "Essentially, the work brings together the best composers from Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. [...] I believe it is the largest piece of cultural diplomacy our country has ever created," he says.

"The art of photography can build a bridge between cultures and carry our collaboration forward. 'Concept: Turkey' is a very important event in terms of the meeting of two different cultures," Türkoğlu said. He also invited everyone who is interested in photography to become a part of the project in order to introduce the Turkish way of life as well as culture to the Americans.