The Annie Leibowitz portait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II surrounded by her great grandchildren...quite simply, stunning. And mesmerising. [...] Having admired her many gruelling decades of public engagements, her fortitude, diplomacy and devotion to duty vanishingly few of us would want to be Queen in her stead.

Headlines explored the cultural highs and lows of fashion on the global stage. 

Last October, President Xi visited the National Football Museum during his state visit to the UK. Moore recounted the cultural exchange: “I gave to the President as a gift from the National Football Museum a copy of the hand- written laws from 1863, and he gave me a gift of a replica Cuju ball.”

Bake-Off Is Back, by Mark Bourdillon

How a baking contest is showcasing the best of Britain's past and present.

Brexit is in many ways just the British manifestation of the broader problem that the EU has never solved: There is a common European institution, but not a common European identity. [...] Obsessed with its own internal problems, it will fail to take the lead in standing up to Russia, it will fail to contribute to security in Africa or the Middle East...

Featuring the works of Mohammad Atif Khan and Zaira Ahmed from Pakistan, Li Yanbo from China and Sarah Hopkins from the United Kingdom, the collaboration between Satrang and the residencies programme has entered its third year as a cross-cultural exchange programme facilitating interaction between local and international printmakers.


Crispin Parry - CEO of British Underground - says, 'A vibrant and workable cultural exchange between the US and UK is essential. The music industry is a significant generator of revenue so we are keen to see issues around US work visas for musicians resolved asap.'