Islamist theocracy, or something in the middle—are largely out of the West's control. But international relations expert Parag Khanna suggests that a choice made ten years ago—not by the State department, but by American universities—could have the greatest impact.

David Cameron’s attempt to cap yearly immigration by slashing foreign student numbers threatens to strip Britain of a crucial source of “soft power” on the world stage, according to senior figures at two leading universities.

What began as a popular uprising that toppled the Tunisian government before spreading into Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan and, of course, Egypt, may now be headed for Syria.

The Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) announced a collaboration with Keele University (KU) of UK to launch a professional teachers’ training diploma programme in international education, at a press meet held in Pune recently.

President Ma Ying-jeou says that he hopes to make Taiwan into an Asia-Pacific education hub. Ma was speaking at a forum organized by Commonwealth magazine in Taiwan. The president spoke about how Taiwan's higher education can become a major industry.

The US government's international development agency (USAID) has announced 11 new partnerships with 22 universities across Africa to help alleviate poverty and stimulate economies.