The United States and Germany highly value science and technology (S&T); both have committed to spend 3% of GDP on S&T research and development. More than 50 bilateral cooperation agreements exist between U.S. and German government agencies and scientific institutions along with over 1,500 university partnerships.

To attract foreign students and academics, the Taiwan Parliament approved spending $197 million over four years to make its higher education system more competitive globally. Funds will go to creating more English-language degree programs and internship programs for foreign students.

Nobel Peace laureate and Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi is to talk with Hong Kong University students via a live video link. The event marks the first time Suu Kyi has accepted an invitation from an Asian university to speak since her release from house arrest.

University of Kentucky men's basketball senior Eloy Vargas, along with other collegiate players, will travel with Reach USA, to Far East May 17 through May 31 to play nine total games against a Lithuanian club team and a Brazilian all-star squad.

The invitation, sent from an official Tel Aviv University email account, invites recipients who may be interested... to attend a meeting about a new Israeli student initiative... “which aspires to act for the good of the branding and public diplomacy of Israel on university campuses abroad, which are strongholds of anti-Israeli actions.”

That the true intentions of a religious organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, would become the most hotly debated issue surrounding the overthrow of Egypt's president, Hosni Mubarak, would have garnered guffaws among Western intellectuals only four decades ago.

April 15, 2011

In a small classroom at New York University Abu Dhabi, Paulo Lemos Horta was pushing his students to explore the difficulties of translation. In some ways, it might have been a class on any American campus — except that virtually everyone was fluent in a second language.

Study abroad is one thing, a degree abroad another. The movement is nascent, but it is possible to earn a degree from an American university without setting foot in the United States, or by flitting among campuses.