Ho Chi Minh City and the Gyeongsangbuk-do province of the Republic of Korea (RoK) will co-host the World Cultural Expo in November 2017, a biennial exchange to introduce cultures of participating countries [...] Visitors will be able to enjoy food, music performances, fashion shows, movies, and literature pieces as well as join trade and investment activities.

February 21, 2016

Vietnamese Ambassador to India Ton Sinh Thanh on Saturday invited Indian filmmakers to shoot their movies in Vietnam to boost the two millenia-old cultural ties between the two countries. [...] “we should try new areas such as exchange of movies and promoting film shooting in each other’s countries,” Ton said while speaking as the guest of honour at a bilateral international seminar...

Public diplomacy is now one of the key tasks for diplomats around the world. And I think wearing one of the most iconic Vietnamese masterpieces like the Ao Dai will be more powerful than a million statements because it will convey a message that Italy and Vietnam are strongly connected.

The Humpty Dumpty Institute (HDI), along with its local Vietnamese partner, Project RENEW, is pleased to announce that it has distributed over 180,000 pairs of new TOMS shoes to children in 260 schools across Quang Tri Province in central Vietnam. [...] Humpty Dumpty's past programs have removed landmines and unexploded bombs, provided food to the hungry, delivered health care efficiently to the sick and impoverished, provided literacy and education to women and girls, improved animal conservation efforts and expanded public and cultural diplomacy.

Known at home as "Ambassador Dad," filmmaker David Holbrooke delves into the remarkable life and legacy of his father, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, in his new film, The Diplomat.

The partnership opens doors to broaden the two sides’ people-to people relationship. [...] Having a sense of appreciation and understanding of each other’s culture and values can potentially broaden and deepen mutual understanding between states and peoples. In 2014, amidst tensions in the South China Sea, Vietnamese and Filipino naval personnel played football, volleyball, and tug-of-war. Both sides displayed the importance of camaraderie through sports diplomacy.

President Barack Obama will host a summit with leaders from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in California on Feb. 15 and 16, the White House said on Wednesday. [...] “This unprecedented gathering – the first hosted by the United States with the ASEAN leaders – builds on the deeper partnership that the United States has forged with ASEAN since 2009 and will further advance the Administration’s rebalance to Asia and the Pacific,” 

Nguyen Nguyet Nga is the first female economics director in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nominated by the President as Ambassador. She is a high ranking official at the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), deputy head of the Vietnamese government negotiation delegation for economic and trade issues. She was also the Vietnamese Embassy Envoy in the US. Nga is always very busy as she undertakes many different works. She now is busy with preparing for the APEC high ranking conferences and the activities to be held in Vietnam in 2017.