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A paper by CPD Director Jay Wang and CPD Research Associate Sohaela Amiri outlining the necessary skills, capabilities, and resources required for cities' emergent role on the global stage.

CPD-MOIA Summer Associate Daniel Toomey recounts his internship experience at the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of International Affairs. 

How France's soft power has been key to its leadership in tackling global health challenges. 

August 10, 2018

A collection of interviews with leading authors, scholars and practitioners in the field of public diplomacy.

On U.S. cities' unique position to promote American values and advance leadership on the international stage.

Examining the global reach of city-level tech adoption, from drones to self-driving cars.

Image of Globe

Exchanges leave an indelible mark on participants, but what about the local cities that host them?

The Future of City Diplomacy

June 11, 2018

Watch CPD's panel on "The Future of City Diplomacy," discussing the role U.S. cities play in shaping the international arena.