Related CPD Research Projects

Principal Investigator:
Dmitry Chernobrov, CPD Research Fellow 2022-24

Principal Investigator:
Alina Dolea, CPD Research Fellow 2022-24

Principal Investigator:
Kyle A. Long, CPD Research Fellow 2022-24

Frederick Douglass circa 1879,  National Archives and Records Administration, National Archives Identifier (NAID) 558770. Public domain.

CPD Research Fellow Shearon Roberts shares the diplomatic framework of Black U.S. political actors as the architects of global racial justice.

Image via iStock

CPD Research Fellow Martin Edwards investigates how Twitter audiences respond to the IMF.

Image by loginueve_ilustra via

CPD Research Fellow Ian Thomas has developed evidence tools to help PD practitioners in the field measure and evaluate soft power.

January 20, 2021

Principal Investigator:
Elisabeth King, CPD Research Fellow 2021-23