Where Are They Now?

Over 200+ alumni have attended CPD’s professional training activities since 2006. We check with them periodically and get to hear how their career has been transformed by the program.  We are proud of their professional success and how interconnected the alumni network has become.

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Take a look at where some of our past participants are now:

► HyeonSeon Choi (SI'15) Director, Korea Foundation Los Angeles

► Riva Das (SI '13) Director General, Indian Council for Cultural Relations

► Rasmus Kristensen (SI '17) Ambassador, Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia

► Moez Mahmoudi (SI '14) Ambassador, Embassy of Tunisia in Sweden

► Barbora Maronkova (SI '08) Director, NATO Information and Documentation Centre Kyiv

► Rajesh Mirchandani (SI '11) Chief Communications Officer, United Nations Foundation

► Eyal Naor (SI '16) Counselor for Legislative Affairs, Embassy of Israel in the United States

► Golden Neswiswi (SI '12) Deputy High Commissioner in the United Kingdom, South Africa Department of International Relations and Cooperation

► Oliver Radtke (SI '15) Senior Project Manager, International Relations America and Asia

► Robert Raines (SI '14) Spokesperson, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, U.S. Department of State

► Julieta Reyes (SI '09) Chief Support Officer of the Netherland's Defense Department, Embassy of the Netherlands in the United States

► Leah Rodriguez (SI '16) First Secretary, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Japan

► Navdeep Suri (SI '10) Ambassador, Embassy of India in the United Arab Emirates


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