Three CPD interns received recognition for outstanding work this month.

"Subnational Diplomacy, Climate Governance & Californian Global Leadership," highlights the growing power of subnational entities on issues like climate change.  

A new paper by CPD Advisory Board Member Barry A. Sanders proposes a multi-layered approach for the complex discipline of public diplomacy.

Katherine Brown enters a new leadership role with the dynamic international exchange organization.

Episode 1 of this podcast series hosted by CPD Student Fellow Madison Jones features an interview with Nicholas J. Cull.

A new paper by 2015-17 CPD Research Fellow Barbora Maronkova on NATO's public diplomacy evaluation & measurement.

NPR, USA Today and NBC publish immersive content produced by the CPD + JOVRNALISM team that traveled to South Korea during the PyeongChang Olympics.

February 13, 2018

Find out where some of our Summer Institute alumni are today!