New CPD Perspectives: Netwar in Cyberia

The latest issue of CPD Perspectives on Public Diplomacy this year is an article by CPD Research Fellow Ali Fisher.

"Netwar in Cyberia: Decoding the Media Mujahidin" dives deep into the elusive world of network-driven terrorism, which is particularly well-suited to evade top-down, traditional CVE methods.

"No public diplomacy initiative can expect to counter the impact of the jihadist movement until they have understood what that movement is trying to achieve," writes Fisher, warning that claims of ISIS' decline can be shortsighted. "This interconnected network constantly reconfigures itself, much as a swarm of bees or flock of birds constantly reorganizes in mid-flight."

Read "Netwar in Cyberia: Decoding the Media Mujahidin" here.


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