On April 4 and 5, Philip Seib, CPD Director, and Nicholas Cull, CPD University Fellow and Director of the USC Master of Public Diplomacy Program, attended the international conference on Israel's Global Image Crisis: Public Diplomacy and Communications Strategies organized by Bar Ilan Center for International Communication. The Center for International Communications is directed by CPD Senior Scholar Eytan Gilboa.

CPD Assistant Director for Research and Publications, Naomi Leight, will be participating on a panel, organized by BINA LA, discussing the impact of film and culture in Israel’s public diplomacy strategy.

Welcome to the March issue of PDiN Monitor, CPD's electronic review of public diplomacy in the news. This issue focuses on the topic of Faith Diplomacy: Religion and Global Publics.

On March 23, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy released a Media Monitor Report on Faith Diplomacy: Religion and Global Publics. The Media Monitor began on October 1, 2010, tracking coverage of religion as it pertains to foreign policy, new technology and public diplomacy.

CPD encourages scholars and practitioners of public diplomacy to apply for the 2011-2013 non-resident Research Fellowship Program.