Mosquito Beach, by NOAA Photo Library

August Blog Roundup: The Top 5

From Poland to the Olympics, see which blogs were most popular during August!

5) Is Nation Branding the Answer to Poland’s Reputational Challenges? by Pawel Surowiec. Is Poland a viable brand?

4) Report From Syria: Fusing Citizen and Digital Diplomacy by Hend Alhinnawi. How the crowdsourced data of Syria Tracker merges citizen and digital diplomacy tools.


3) The Diplomatic Implications of the DNC Hack by Corneliu Bjola. On the strange saga of Trump, Clinton, Russia, and WikiLeaks. 

2) Boris Diplomacy, Or What Does Brexit Mean for British PD? by James Pamment. On Britain's new Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, and what he could signify for the country's soft power post-Brexit.

1) Women at the Olympics: Saudi Arabia's Image Paradox by Naja Al-Osaimi. Are Saudi Arabia's female Olympians a sign of progress or propaganda?

Photos (from top to bottom): Photo by NOAA Photo Library I CC 2.0, Photo by David Scales. All photos and images courtesy Hend Alhinnawi and Syria TrackerPhoto by Federation European Cyclists' | CC by-SA 2.0, Photo by Martin Hesketh | CC by-SA 2.0


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