CPD Research Fellow On PD's Role in Combatting Disinformation

An in-depth interview with Mieczyslaw (Mietek) Boduszynski, 2016-18 CPD Research Fellow, CPD Blog contributor and former U.S. Foreign Service Officer, was published November 3, 2017 by Pomona College, where Boduszynski is assistant professor of politics and international relations.

The interview focused on the effect of disinformation on U.S. public diplomacy and how to counter fake news, such as the alleged Russian disinformation campaigns that seek to discredit U.S. policies and mainstream media, a "well-honed tactic in Moscow," according to Boduszynski.

"Public diplomacy is somewhat equipped to deal with disinformation (outright lies and fabrications), but it is much harder to deal with campaigns that compel people to question whether there is truth out there at all," Boduszynski said, emphasizing the importance of U.S. exchange programs for foreign journalists and more support for education, media literacy and professional journalistic standards.

Boduszynski's remarks echo the recent sentiments that he, with co-author Philip Breeden, shared in a recent CPD Blog article, "Russian Disinformation and U.S. Public Diplomacy."

Read the full interview produced by Pomona College.


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