My Brand is Public Diplomacy

It was all about nation branding in this week’s PD News roundup. Global headlines from Asia, Europe and the Middle East all showcased the public diplomacy potential of a strong national brand for bilateral cooperation on defense, economic and other trade-related issues. In Belarus, the Kremlin is using soft power and an “aggressive” media campaign that evokes shared national symbols, myths and history to “ensure pro-Russian moods” among Belarusian society, while Qatar is cultivating its nation brand though partnerships with non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations. Meanwhile, India is strengthening its ties to the Middle East, both via the 22-member India-Arab Cooperation Forum and through diplomatic visits to Israel, the latter of which has led India to “carve out a mutually beneficial bilateral relationship” with Israel on topics including agriculture, defense and counterterrorism. As more nations seek to cultivate and manage their nation brand abroad, the significance of public diplomacy cannot be overlooked.

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Image by HJI | CC BY 2.0


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