A Path Forward for U.S.-China Relations

A new report from CPD Advisory Board member Jerrold Green unpacks the importance of advancing U.S.-China relations through public diplomacy. Green delivered his remarks at the 2016 China-U.S. Public Diplomacy Summit held at Renmin University in Beijing, where he called upon both nations to “recast the way they view one another.” His speech emphasized the need for bilateral cooperation on shared geo-political concerns including North Korea, environmental degradation, cybersecurity and global development and trade, and encouraged increased collaboration between citizens, civil society organizations and corporations to help “chart a way forward that is mutually beneficial.” Green concluded that public diplomacy will be essential to both nurture and sustain a positive relationship between the two Pacific powers, and inspire “new ways to cooperate in an increasingly complex, interconnected, and often dangerous world.”

The full report is available here

Photo by U.S. Department of Agriculture | CC BY 2.0 


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