Two CPD Research Fellows Co-Edit Nation Branding Book

CPD is pleased to announce that CPD Research Fellows Diana Ingenhoff (2017-2019) and Alexander Buhmann (2016-2018) have co-edited a new volume on nation branding, titled Bridging Disciplinary Perspectives of Country Image Reputation, Brand, and Identity.

The book includes a compilation of chapters on country image, brand, reputation and identity that span multiple scholarly disciplines such as international marketing, public diplomacy, issue management, communication and social psychology. 

"This volume provides an overview of current scholarship, places related research interests across disciplines in a common context, and illustrates connections among the constructs," explains the publisher. "Discussing how different scholarly perspectives can be applied to answer a broad range of related research questions, this volume aims to contribute to the emergence of a more theoretical, open, and interdisciplinary study of country image, reputation, brand, and identity."

Ingenhoff and Buhmann join co-editors Candace White of the University of Tennessee and Spiro Kiousis of the University of Florida in this contribution to the field of public diplomacy. 

More information about the book is available here.


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