What's "In the Works" for Naren Chitty?

Professor Naren J. Chitty A.M. is Foundation Chair in International Communication in the Department of Media, Music, Communication, and Cultural Studies and Inaugural Director of the Soft Power Analysis and Resource Centre (SPARC) at Macquarie University in Australia. He is a former diplomat, having served as counselor in Washington, D.C. during the Reagan Administration, where he was responsible for public diplomacy activities. Chitty is the founding Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of International Communication.

Chitty’s public diplomacy research has focused on theory development with a regional focus on China. Additionally, he is interested in the relationships between public diplomacy, good governance, soft power, and the rule of law.

His current research is on soft power, civic virtue, civil society, and world politics specifically looking at the community of nations. Currently, Chitty is co-editing the Routledge Handbook on Soft Power with Lilian Ji (Macquarie), Craig Hayden (Foreign Service Institute), and Gary Rawnsley (Aberystwyth).

Recent publications include:

  • Chitty, N. & Luo, Q. (Eds). (2015). China and the world: Theaters of Soft Power. Communication University of China Press. 
  • Chitty, N. and Ji L. (2015). “Individual Frames of Australia:  Engaging Chinese Media Project”. In Chitty, N. & Luo, Q (Eds). China and the world: Theatres of Soft Power. Communication University of China Press.
  •  Chitty, N. and Dong, L. (2015).  “Soft Power & IC Theory”. In Chitty, N. & Luo, Q. (Eds). China and the world: Theatres of Soft Power. Communication University of China Press.
  • Chitty, N. 2015. Tr. Into Chinese by Yan Zhen.“Analyzing soft power and public diplomacy”. Jilin University Journal - Social Science Edition, 5,3.

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