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Haystack, a company that has created software designed to circumvent Iranian government censors, has stopped testing its program amid criticism of faulty security. Haystack founder Austin Heap said in an interview Monday that concerns about how his much-touted software program works and whether it's secure were “valid.”

The overseas expansion of Chinese companies not only is a commercial activity, but also bears the responsibility of expanding China's public diplomacy. In this regard, Chinese enterprises should not only look for short-term profits, but also bear more corporate social responsibility.

China Media Capital is supported by the Chinese government and will take controlling shares in the TV channels which Rupert Murdoch had hoped would deliver mass audiences. But Beijing has kept a tight rein on foreign media players, including the world's biggest.

Among the reported solutions to avert a halt to BlackBerry's key messenger service is the installation of a local server accessible to Saudi authorities, instead of having data going directly to the maker's servers in Canada.

But for those of us who are working with corporations to tackle big global problems, the financial reform bill’s provisions raise three important questions: 1. What change are we seeking to achieve? 2. How can we achieve that change? 3. What is the responsible role of the private sector?

Saudi Arabia plans to block the messenger function on BlackBerry handsets from Friday while the United Arab Emirates has said it will definitely instigate a similar ban next month. Why has BlackBerry become the thorn in the side of the Gulf states?

The Farnborough International Airshow, in most regards, is a premier accelerant of international exchange, advocacy, and trade, a place where the most important diplomatic tool may be a business card.

I also incorporated many PD resources as part of my own hope that some day we will have a cross-disciplinary approach and public diplomacy element as a core part of every MBA program. Through this process, I distilled out several resources and schools of thought that MPD and MBA students alike (as well as public diplomacy practitioners) can benefit from.